Latest News: Literary Arts Review’s Book Review Program Is Back!

Hello everyone, this is a note from the Publisher’s desk about the return of book reviews to Literary Arts Review. It was all put on hold while our magazine was in development, but now we are writing them again, […]


Poetry: “The Death Of Thought” by Renu Persaud, PhD

The Death of Thought by Renu Persaud, PhD Shallow thought deep with pride. Bestowed Troubled senselessly Jostling to a halt Is the abandonment of the soul. Self, fears in darkness. Cannot explain, nothing right, all wrong. A heart rocking […]

Poetry: “Oblivion” by Renu Persaud, PhD

Oblivion by Renu Persaud, PhD The grandeur of the moment Set in motion by the clock Beseeched by broken depths of the well Weeping as a shadow newly erupting Asunder To a ripened willow bowing in humility The curtain […]

Poetry: ‘Eyes That Lie’ by Renu Persaud, PhD

Eyes That Lie by Renu Persaud Telling the tale of a story That did not happen. The wolves cry in silence. The spark of the spirit, Swirls like a hurricane, Her copper memories, Rust with the blackness of the […]


Essay: Does the Future of ‘The Book’ Lie in Its Past? by Eleanor Fitzsimons

Does the Future of ‘The Book’ Lie in its Past? by Eleanor Fitzsimons Recent press coverage of the debate between paper and electronic seems to suggest that we are nowhere near abandoning the good old fashioned book as it […]

The 60+ Page Debut Issue of Literary Arts Review Magazine Is Here! **Amazon Payments are now an option!**

The 60+ page debut issue of Literary Arts Review Magazine has been launched! Here’s what people are already saying about it: “Love it! So glad I subscribed!!” “You did an amazing job on the debut issue!” In the September […]