The 60+ Page Debut Issue of Literary Arts Review Magazine Is Here! **Amazon Payments are now an option!**

The 60+ page debut issue of Literary Arts Review Magazine has been launched! Here’s what people are already saying about it:

“Love it! So glad I subscribed!!”
“You did an amazing job on the debut issue!”

In the September 2016 issue you’ll find:

— “Boedo: The Real Home of Bohemia In Buenos Aires” by Jerry Nelson
— “The Future of ‘The Book’ May Lie In Its Past” by Eleanor Fitzsimons
— Column: “The B-List Writer” by Melissa Grunow
— “From the Restorationists to the Romantics: Rochester and Byron” by Alexander Larman
— Short Story: “Bach’s Last Composition: A Fantasy” by Lenny Cavallaro
— Book Review: “Shining From A Different Firmament” by Beatriz Fernandez
— Poetry: Works by H.A. Callum, Ace Baker, and Renu Persaud
— Humor: Cartoon on the last page
— And more!

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