Book Review: “The Antique Love” by Helena Fairfax

Book Review:

The Antique Love by Helena Fairfax is a sweet old-fashioned love story that begins in London on a typical rainy day. When Penny the antique dealer looks up to see a tall man from Wyoming walk into her shop, she thinks she sees a cowboy hero. Kurt may look like a romantic figure, but he turns out to be the cool, logical head of a financial firm…and he is not interested in love. New in town, he hires Penny to help him refurbish his Victorian home. As they work together, the wall around Kurt’s heart begins to crumble and he tries to hide his growing feelings for warm-hearted, romantic Penny. At the same time, the reasons for Penny’s persistent insecurities are revealed.

The realistic storyline and natural progression of love is a refreshing thing to find in a modern romance novel. The author saw no need to resort to implausible scenarios and bedroom scenes to make The Antique Love a pleasure to read. She gives ‘clean romance’ fans a good story, likeable characters, plus a heart-melting love scene that ties everything together. And Kurt turns out to be a hero after all, but I will leave you to discover how he steps in to save the day. The Antique Love is a recommended novel.

About the author: Helena Fairfax was born in Uganda and came to England as a child. Her first novel, The Silk Romance, was a contender for the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme Award and a runner-up in the Global Ebook Awards. You can find out more about Helena on her blog at, or on Twitter @helenafairfax.

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