(Updated 8/11/16) September 1st, 2016: The Debut Issue Of Literary Arts Review Magazine

Word-of-mouth has been the best way to spread the word about the upcoming Literary Arts Review monthly online publication; likeminded writers, artists, performers, poets, scholars, and literature fans are talking about our magazine (aka literary journal)!

It’s true–no other literary journal adresses what ours does. We intend to give our readers what they really want: a magazine for celebrating Beauty, the high Arts, Literature…and the people that uplift others by their creations. We are entirely counter-cultural and eschew the degraded barbarism of today’s so-called ‘cultural’ offerings. If you are weary of the porn, violence and foul language-ridden tripe that passes for entertainment, if you are tired of having your intelligence insulted…then you are a part of the sorely underserved audience that will enjoy Literary Arts Review.

We are proud to be working with professional writers from around the world. All of them are extremely talented. They have come together to bring you what you want–a publication that lifts you up, perhaps makes you laugh, and lets you know you are not alone in your desire to surround yourself with Beauty, Literature and the Arts.

We hope you will purchase a subscription to Literary Arts Review; the annual subscription (12 issues) is $39, and a single issue is $4.99. Our safe and secure ‘magazine stand’ will be up and running through our website by August 15th, 2016!

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

(*Note: there will be a pre-launch discounted rate of $35 that ends on August 31st, 2016.*)

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