‘Rachel Carson’ by Devereaux Frazier

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”
Rachel Carson once said
It is true, for nature holds our present and past
Never behind, never ahead
Formed long ago
When time was not kept
She thrives today, although
In keeping her ways, man is often inept
Cannot be contained
She is all-powerful
Cannot be stained
Perfection is towering
She forms us
Raising us all
Hoping we trust
And not sin, and fall
Touching every corner
Infiltrating every breath
These moments are an honor
Doing everything to keep us from death
The sun shines down on my face
Giving me life
In her I have faith
And the evidence of her is rife
You don’t even have to go out
You could stay inside
Yet nature seeps in through the grout
And rests by your bedside
Technology burns
And fracking cuts
The earth’s rotation do satellites turn
The impact of these, and more, must we discuss
I stand up at the sunrise
My heart connected with all life
Most beautiful are the morning skies
This raw mastery a taste of the afterlife
Do not forget her
She has given you everything
Connected with her we once were
Oh, see the invisible strings

About the author:

Devereaux Frazier is poet and essayist whose works can be found on his blog:

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