‘Lost’ by Dr. Renu Persaud


My precious babe
All forsaken for you
I left myself for you
I detached me from me for you.
In all the moments of loving you, I went astray.
My willpower to return me to me tires.
Selfishly, I stand looking upon you.
Knowing. I did not exist for me, it existed for you. The moment I lost my being to you,
I stopped giving you the best of me.


About the author:

Renu S. Persaud is an accomplished Canadian social scientist, professor, lecturer and author who is well-known for her work in the area of self-mastery and the relationship between individual sense of self and personal success. As an author and poet, her writing captures the meaning of life with intuitive dynamism and authority.

Dr. Persaud’s upcoming book Mastery of You will be available in 2017: http://[, waldorf/2017releases],%20waldorf/2017releases

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