‘What Happened To Marilyn’

Alexander Rigby’s novel What Happened To Marilyn is a very enjoyable time-travel love story set mostly in 2062 Savannah, Georgia. The protagonist genius Jeremiah Gold devises a time travel machine and uses it to steal the legendary Marilyn Monroe away from 1962 California just before her untimely death and returns with her to 2062. Marilyn is understandably shocked as Jeremiah explains that he has kidnapped her to save her life. She decides to trust Jeremiah when they realize that the historical accounts of Marilyn’s death have not changed. Jeremiah tries to conceal Marilyn’s identity from the public while he tries to unravel the mystery, but hiding someone with Marilyn’s natural charisma proves to be difficult. Especially since she is eager to begin the new life that this second chance offers. All Marilyn wants now is a quiet, anonymous life in peace. To just be herself instead of living with the dumb-blonde image Hollywood devised for her. It doesn’t take long for the complications to begin: love triangles, secrets, and Marilyn’s frustration with Jeremiah’s overwhelming fear that the public will discover her true identity. The supporting characters surrounding Jeremiah and Marilyn try to interfere, to the point where I thought they were more controlling than caring. But the mounting tension just urged me to keep reading as I wondered: will Marilyn finally take control of her own life? Can she? And what will happen to Jeremiah? Will he be a part of her life?

What Happened To Marilyn kept me guessing right to the end about what was coming next, and the conclusion was a satisfying one with no loose ends. The author’s deft handling of character allowed me to hear Marilyn Monroe’s voice, see her face, and picture her as we all know her. I liked the inclusion of some futuristic gadgets, and really liked that I was not bombarded with them throughout the book. They kept their place, and left the main focus were it should be; on the characters and story line. Alexander Rigby gave me a copy of What Happened To Marilyn in exchange for an honest review. I suggest you read this book. It’s a fun ride to find out what happens.

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