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Literary Arts Review accepts all genres for review; fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, how-to books, academia, essay collections, poetry chapbooks, young adult and children’s books. The expected turnaround time is five to six weeks and the review will be around 300 words long. We are not a ‘review mill’ and review books for the purpose of recommending them to our readers. Our list of book reviewers includes professional writers, academics and experts from varying fields, and publishing professionals.

Your book may be either self-published or traditionally published, but it must be properly edited and proofread. Poorly written, unedited and/or poorly proofread works will be turned down for a review. If you have only physical books, email us first with an inquiry before you spend money sending us a copy, in case your book is outside the scope of what we review. We do not review pornography, sexually-oriented material or books with extremely graphic, gory violence.

Literary Arts Review’s Book Review and Promotion Program: $249 ($149 until August 30th, 2020) payable by PayPal.

How It Works:

1) When you send us your book (a PDF will do), an editor from our staff will analyze your book (if your book is outside the scope of what we review, we will email you right away).
2) Your book is matched to an expert reviewer who has experience in your genre, and enjoys reading books like yours.
3) After reading your entire book, the reviewer will write and send their review to the editing staff.
4) The review will be edited for content, and will be fact-checked.
5) After a copy edit, the review will be checked by a proofreader.
6) The finished review will be emailed to you for approval.
7) Upon your approval, your book review will be posted on the Literary Arts Review website, and will remain for readers to find. Use the review either in its entirety (or in snippets) in your book promotions, in the ‘Editorial Reviews’ section of your book’s Amazon page, and on your blog. We do ask that you credit Literary Arts Review with writing the review, and that you do not change our words.

To help give your book more exposure, we’ll promote and advertise your book for you, at no extra charge:

— We will advertise your book cover on the front page of the Literary Arts Review website for 30 days, which will link through to your book’s Amazon page. If you are not on Amazon send us the link to the page where your book is being sold.
— We will Tweet about your book, with a link to your review, at least 60 times during the 30 days your ad is running.
— We will also post your review on the Literary Arts Review Facebook page where it will remain for people to find.
— AND: If your book receives a five-star rating from Literary Arts Review, it will be entered (if you wish) into our annual contest, ‘The Literary Arts Review Award of Excellence’.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I expect a positive review?

Our reviewers write fair and unbiased reviews. The editing staff will be meticulous in sending your book to an appropriate reviewer.

Will my book get a lot of exposure through Literary Arts Review?

Literary Arts Review has a wonderful audience of people who appreciate good books and have high expectations. Your book will be seen by readers who trust our recommendations. Our friends are looking for a good book and will be pleased to discover yours. We offer something different: instead of using an ‘automated social media service’, members of our editorial staff will personally promote your book — and you — on Twitter and Facebook, answering questions — in real time — talking to people on your behalf.

How do I get started?

Use the contact form below to send us your ebook file by PDF. If your book is approved for a review, make your payment by PayPal (we will give you the PayPal link in an email). When your payment clears we will email you to let you know, and the review process will begin.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes! We see you as a real person, a writer like us, and want to see you succeed. Think of us as colleagues, partners in promoting your book. We have an old-fashioned work ethic, so all the writers involved with us are known by name — and we hope you keep in touch with us and let us know what’s new in your career.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email us at:

Ready to get started? Use this form: (If the form is giving you any trouble, email us at and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.)

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