**Update September 28th, 2017: New updates are coming soon to Literary Arts Review! Production is on hold until all changes to the website are completed.**
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Literary Arts Review is brought to you by Alex White, Paul Anderson, Carol Decker, and Joseph Manning.

We are fans of all writers, artists, and performers; we believe that if someone is drawn to creativity it denotes a higher calling. We also believe that with such a calling comes a responsibility for that person to use their gifts, the beauty of their creations, to lift people up. These days such an idea is counter-cultural, when nearly every so-called ‘cultural’ offering only serves to lower our standards and drag society further into barbarism. Together we can cultivate a New Renaissance by providing a place where readers can explore beauty through extraordinary literature, art, and the performing arts…and a place for talented writers and other artists to reach a suitable audience.

We also review quality books, essays and poetry. We do not handle porn or gory works.

** Update: March 27, 2017: We have a hold on taking on new writers** For Writers: Editorial Calendar Coming Soon
We are seeking articles, academic essays in a more relaxed voice, poetry, short stories and other items for both our website and magazine. We do not use fluff or ‘filler’ pieces; our website and magazine are curated. Literary Arts Review Magazine is an intellectually entertaining publication that does not cover politics or social justice issues. *At this time there is no compensation, but when that changes we will post the update.

Our focus is positive and reflects a desire to promote the beauty of Literature, Fine Art and the Performing Arts. We also explore the literary lifestyle; the writer’s life.

A lighthearted style is highly prized here! As always, we avoid sexual content/violence/foul language. We reserve the right to proofread and lightly edit your piece without ruining the integrity of your work.

Inquire at info@literaryartsreview.com for more details. We are also easy to reach on Twitter at @LitArtsReview.