‘Realizing River City: A Memoir’

Award-winning author Melissa Grunow’s Realizing River City: A Memoir candidly addresses how she saved herself from the cycle of relationships with abusive men.

The words ‘survival’ and ‘hope’ come to mind when reading this book. Melissa endures a great deal, yet she never gives up on the hope of finding love. The men she meets after divorcing her domineering husband come from various walks of life, all with a smile and a promise. All of them play on the loneliness left by the previous man to ensnare her, and Melissa’s generous and kind-hearted nature is taken advantage of repeatedly. The investment of her time, heart and money is repaid with the loss of all of these things, plus her dignity. Your own heart may sink as Melissa is drawn into a world where manipulation is the name of the game and pain is what you get for your trouble. A world where if there is peace, chaos must be caused. Where (way too much) alchohol is the answer to every problem and the companion to every accomplishment. You have to be brave to risk your heart again, and Melissa does take the risk. Of course these men expect her to take the blame for their behavior, but none of them count on the strength and resilience of the human spirit. In her quiet triumph Melissa learns to love herself, and the cycle of wasting time on unstable lovers is broken.┬áThis book carries you along a swirling river to the end, to a peaceful riverbank where the dangerous waters of abuse cannot reach. Realizing River City: A Memoir is a recommended book for its honesty and message of hope, and for the author’s handling of a difficult subject to write about–her own life.

The author gave us a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

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